I am a 2D digital artist with over 10 years’ experience as illustrator, concept artist and art director in animation, advertising, gaming and film. When I’m not knee-deep in the digital world, I enjoy some ‘me’ time in my home-based studio, working with watercolors and oil paintings, or adding new designs to my own line of handmade jewelry.

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Loading thumbnail... Aged

A quick study of both technique and human anatomy. Watercolor, salt and inks on rough paper.

Loading thumbnail... Matriarch

Hand-pierced silver scroll pendant and matching earrings. The pierced accents are filled with transparent vitreous enamel.

Loading thumbnail... Fae

A one of a kind silver pendant cast from a hand-carved wax model. Pierced accents are filled with vitreous enamel.

Loading thumbnail... Stayed Words

Antiquated brass-cast ring engraved with Arabic letters. Part of my 2010 collection, it was an instant sell-out.

Loading thumbnail... The Kelpie's Lair

2D digital painting/ study of water and textures; contrary to common belief no part of this was rendered in 3D.

Loading thumbnail... Jak X

Odd I was such a huge fan of the Jak series giving that I've never actually played any of them!

Loading thumbnail... Khoon

"Khoon" is an original character and quite an old piece, but he's still one of my favorites.

Loading thumbnail... Lonely Al

Promo art of a scene from the short 3D animated film "Once Upon A Star".

Loading thumbnail... Obsidian

A hellish steed, one of the many original creatures and characters belonging to a personal project.

Loading thumbnail... Rustic

A handmade sterling silver "box" cuff with etched and reticulated details, part of my personal collection (not available for purchase).

Loading thumbnail... Still Life 'Sketch' Study

An unfinished study as I decided to leave it as is. Oils on canvas.

Loading thumbnail... Low Tides

A 2D digital illustration that took up way too much of my time than it should have; it's sometimes hard to pull away from the thrilling challenge of tiny details.

Loading thumbnail... Grace

A tribute sketch to Michael Turner, one of the few artists who strongly influenced my own illustrative style.

Loading thumbnail... Al's World

Concept sketch from the award-winning 3D short animation "Once Upon A Star".

Loading thumbnail... Tribute

Personal work. Obviously some Bob Rafei influence going on in this one (and many others as well).

Loading thumbnail... The Earth Ring

A personal favorite and part of my personal collection: One of a kind box ring in sterling silver and copper with engraved textures.

Loading thumbnail... Finding Ava

The cover art for Jennifer Loren's hugely popular thriller.

Loading thumbnail... Among The Flames

A digital painting mostly done as a texture and contrast 'test' that just took off with a life of its own.

Loading thumbnail... Freedom Found

Mixed metals and enamels, this massive piece specifically designed for an exhibition (not available for purchase).

Loading thumbnail... Mokume Garden

Mokume gane scroll earrings in silver and brass. Mokume gane is a physically strenuous technique, but the results are always rewarding.

Loading thumbnail... Petra

The 'Pink' city in watercolors with a lot of texture and wet-on-wet tricks.

Loading thumbnail... Maddox

An original character designed for an RPG. The elf-fever will ever be present.

Loading thumbnail... Odi

An original character with an odd name, one of his initial digital concepts.

Loading thumbnail... Scar Face

Though better known since 2006 as "Scar face" rather than the original character 'Odi', this 2D painting still remains one of my most popular pieces to date.

Loading thumbnail... Serpent

A one of a kind sterling silver and gold filigree pendant.

Loading thumbnail... Light Jak

Yup. More Bob Rafei fan art. His elves were all I was drawing for a while.

Loading thumbnail... Arabesque

Hand-pierced silver chandelier earrings, part of one of my earlier 2006 collections.

Loading thumbnail... Blurred

The one-of cast silver "Blur" ring was actually a texture experiment.

Loading thumbnail... Flow

An RPG character's design; with a slight touch of nouveau details.

Loading thumbnail... I, Frankenstein

Scar details designed as makeup reference for the 2014 movie's main protagonist.

Loading thumbnail... Lady of The Sea

I dug up my color pencils for a rewarding break from my digital pen.

Loading thumbnail... Regina

Silver hand-pierced ring with oxidized accents, another best-seller from my 2012 collection.

Loading thumbnail... The Turquoise Temple

Watercolors and salt on rough board, a commissioned piece.

Loading thumbnail... Nick

Cover art featuring the main protagonist of Jennifer Loren's hugely popular series, "The Devil's Eyes".

Loading thumbnail... Rajha

A personal project. 2D digital painting, done in Adobe Photoshop.

Loading thumbnail... Green Spinner

Speed painting exercise, approximately 45 minutes in Adobe Photoshop.

Loading thumbnail... Sundials

Gold-plated silver disc stud earrings with engraved sun symbols and garnet. Part of my 2010 collection.

Loading thumbnail... The Devil's Son

Cover art of the book by Jennifer Loren.

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